Mandie was only 14 but was rather insane acting, she had seen many things no one should, and would chuckle uncontrollably at the mention or sight of death. Laughing made her better, although inside she hated it and wanted to cry. Many kids at school would snicker about her and call her the Chuckler.

  It all started when Mandie was 8, she had an abusive dad and a mom who loved him endlessly and saw no flaws in him. Her dad would drink quite a lot and get drunk and abused his family. One day her dad was angry, because of work so he ended up rage drinking and got extremely drunk.

  "Daddy I'm scared." Mandie looked up at her dad and rubbed her eyes sleepily. Her voice was very weak and sleepy.

  "Shut the hell up you stupid kid. No one likes you, you stupid excuse for a child!" Her dad slurred his words and yelled angrily trying to swipe at her. She walked backwards towards the wall behind her. Her mom walked out of the room, awoken by her husband's sudden outburst of yelling. She screamed at the sight of her husband trying to grab their daughter and hurt her.

  "David leave the poor child alone she is just scared of the lightning! Get away from Mandie right now David!" Her mother yelled at David who had grabbed a knife off the living room table that he was using to cut some apple before he started to rage drink.

  "You stupid woman, why the fuck did I marry such a horrible person?" David slurred waving the knife in the air aiming at his wife. She was screaming at the top of the lungs, while Mandie sat in the corner dialing 911 on the house phone that was placed on the table next to her.

  "Hello what is your emergency?" The lady spoke on the other end of the phone. Mandie replied with the problem and the address. She spoke quietly but her dad heard her. Her dad grabbed her by her arm and sliced her right eye with the knife. She screamed, the lady on the phone heard since she told her not to hang up. Mandie clutched her eye as her dad started to swing at her again.

  Behind David was the cold body of her mother. He had sliced her throat while swinging at her, when he was about to finish her was when he heard Mandie on the phone. The police were at the door and Mandie was crying on the ground in a corner next to the phone with her dad walking towards her and yelling names at her. Soon enough the police broke down the door and David looked up and ran at them with the knife.

  They ended up having to shoot him, because he wouldn't stop and they couldn't get the knife out of his hands. The police walked over to Mandie and told the lady on the phone that everything was okay and they were there. They grabbed Mandie and placed her on a stretcher and carried her to the ambulance. As they carried her to it, she saw them put her mother and father on separate stretchers and covered up with blankets.

  When she was placed into the ambulance she started to laugh a bit while sobbing. The woman next to her holding onto her stretcher asked her why she was laughing, she just responded with a small squeak and said 'Laughing makes me feel better, it helps me forget the pain.' The lady sighed at the young girl.

  They were at the hospital and Mandie was in surgery for her eye, luckily they had the same blue color as her other eye. The surgery was well and successful, but the scar from the knife cut was still there. She was going to be let out in a few days and sent to an orphanage in town. The nurse walked in and smiled at the young girl.

  "Hi darling, since we couldn't get in contact with any of your other family members you will have to go to an orphanage, until you either get adopted or you can live on your own at the age of 18. Also I here is your rose necklace and rose earrings." The nurse handing the small child her possessions that she wore into the surgery. The necklace was more like a choker but the nurse rather not say that.

  "What exactly is an orphanage, and thank you." Mandie rubbed her one eye that wasn't bandaged.

  "It's where children with no family to take of them to go." The nurse said trying to comfort Mandie. Mandie looked down and laughed a bit,"Why are you laughing honey?" The nurse looked at the young girl confused.

  "I laugh when I feel sad so I can feel happy, it helps me cope." The nurse just nodded her head while grabbing her clipboard looking for something before writing something down.

  It was Mandie's 10th birthday and she had been in the orphanage for about 1 and a half years. All the other children her age thought her 'laughter coping' as she called it, was weird, but they ignored it and loved her as if she was their own sister.

  "Happy birthday Mandie! We have an extra surprise for you!" The orphanage owner, Nina, said alerting Mandie to wake up. Mandie slowly crawled out of bed and walked to the bathroom to get ready. She brushed her bright red long hair and pulled it up into two side pony tails and placed her bangs into the correct spot. She touched her scar and looked at her still bandaged eye. It wasn't bandaged for medical reasons instead she did it so she couldn't see when her dad did to her. 

  She placed on her pink and purple dress with ruffles on the top part and on the sleeves. It also had ruffles where it ended which was mid thigh. She placed a light washed jean jacket on and her rose earrings and choker. She pulled on some crazy colored knee high socks and her black flats with a bow on them.

  She walked outside to see Nina, she grabbed her hand and walked downstairs. Nina pulled out a red rose out of her pocket and handed it to Mandie. Nina always had favorite Mandie for many reasons. Nina kissed Mandie's forehead and they continued to walk downstairs. There was a young woman and a young man who smiled at Mandie.

  The young woman had chestnut brown hair and light blue eyes. She was normal height and very pretty. She was wearing a tux jacket and a tight skirt. The young man on the other hand had black hair with dark brown eyes and was wearing a tux. Mandie looked up at Nina with an odd look.

  "Mrs and Mr Frost this is Mandie, in other words your new daughter!" Mandie smiled and ran into their arms, to her they looked like the perfect family. 

  "Mandie get downstairs please." Mandie was now 13 and her 'perfect family' wasn't oh so perfect. They always worked and they never had much time for them, so when she did she took every advantage. She hurried downstairs at the call of her mother. 

  "Yes mom?" She looked in the doorway of the kitchen at her mother who had a worried look on her face. Mandie still wore her bandage, and she was picked on by kids at school, but Mandie dealt with it.

  "Honey is there something going on at school that you aren't telling me about?" Her mom walked forward putting a strand of Mandie's hair behind her ear.

  "No... Why?" Mandie looked at her mom who just sighed. Mandie was the type of girl who always put herself last and didn't say something if she didn't think it was important.

  "Honey I assigned a therapist's appointment next Friday, and I got a call from your school saying that there was bullying going on in your school both verbally and physically. Would you like to explain?" Her mom sat down beckoning for Mandie to sit across from her on the table. 

  "It's nothing just a few names, no physical." Mandie said shrugging her shoulders.

  "That's not what the school told me, roll up your sleeves." Mandie groaned and rolled up her sleeves unwillingly. On her arms were a few bruises, and when her mom moved Mandie's bangs out of her face she say another bruise,"This isn't good darling, you know we are here for you. We are going to switch schools to a private school around here."

  "Mom I'm fine-"

  "A few bruises on your arms and face isn't fine, I'm switching schools I'm sorry, but deal with it. I'm doing this out of love. Oh and me and your father are getting less hours so we can hang out more." Her mom got up walking to the phone and paper work on the counter. Mandie gave up and ran to her room to continue to draw and listen to music.

  There was a buzzing sound outside so Mandie looked out to see a figure for a split second then disappears. Mandie dismissed it thinking it was just the lack of sleep or something. She sighed and put her music on continuing her homework.

  When she was finished with her homework she put it up and lied in her book nook which had a small window right next to it, so that she could look out. She saw a humanly figure standing under of one of the lights on the street. She sat up and stared at it closer, but when she touched her face to the window it looked up and disappeared.

  Mandie knew it wasn't her mind anymore, something was there, and it was stalking her. She looked out the window to where it was standing to see a small paper where it was. She ran downstairs and opened the front door, it was only 6:00 so she was still allowed to go outside. She ran to where it was and bent down to grab the note.

  She heard a scream from her house and looked up to see the being in her room, covered in blood. She grabbed the note and ran into her house and up to her room to see the being was gone and it was back outside where it was before. Everyone was still alive and no one seemed to hear the demon like sound.

  She shrugged it off and grabbed the note that she stuffed into her pocket and stared at it. It wasn't anything, so she just threw it away in her bathroom trash can and walked back to her bedroom to see a piece of paper on her bed that she knew wasn't there before. She grabbed it and looked at it to see it had writing on it in a scribble like font that she had made out to say, 'free me human', she shuddered and slid it under her bed ignoring it.

  She looked out of the window one more time to see that the creature was now in the street and a car was rushing by, and right when it crashed into the being it kept driving. But the being had turned into dust and smoke. Mandie tilted her head and stepped closer to her window but right when her head almost hit it, the creature appeared dangling onto the roof top and screaming at Mandie, it's face was horrid.

  Mandie screamed at the sight and studied it closely, it's face had pure black eyes and a mouth that was opened always, because the jaw was broken and hanging widely. Mandie ran to the bathroom and grabbed the blank piece of paper and held it to the window. She did this because for some reason her gut told her too. When she did the creature stopped screaming and it's snake like tongue stretched out and acted as if it was writing on the paper.

  When it had stopped Mandie turned the paper around and saw the scribble like writing again. The note read, 'Free me you pathetic human! Free me the one and only Screamer!' after she read it she looked back to the window to see the creature had disappeared and all she saw was dust and smoke.

  Her door opened and she saw her mom staring at her, or she thought it was her mom until her mom's face started to melt and her mother screamed. The Screamer started to shake her from behind and Mandie started to scream.

  "Help! Stop, please stop-" Her eyes finally opened to see her mom shaking her up, Mandie's face was on the desk as she noticed she fell asleep when she was working on homework.

  "Honey are you okay? I never heard you scream like that." Mandie shook her head trying to clear the sightings of her hellish nightmare.

  "I'm fine, I think the therapist appointment will be very good for me..." Her mom hugged her and held her closely and then kissed her on the forehead and told her goodnight.

  Mandie walked to the window and looked at the night sky and just stared,"What do you want from me?" and in response as if it was behind her she heard something whispered, 'freedom'. She shivered and put her homework away and lied in bed staring at the ceiling, before finally sleeping into sweet sleep.

  "Hello Mandie, my name is Hannah and I will be here to talk about your bullying and anything else you wish to talk about." Hannah said smiling at her holding her hand out to shake it. Mandie reached out smiling shaking her hand.

  "Well yes my bullying, but I have something else, a lot worst." Mandie said looking down at her shaking hands that were twitching a bit.

  "What do you mean by worst? I'm here to speak and listen. If you need help we will get it for you." Hannah said looking down at the clipboard in her lap.

  "The Screamer wants me to free it... I even have letters from it. It's jaw is disconnected and its tongue is like a black snake tongue that it writes with. I keep seeing it. It started earlier this week and it hasn't left me alone. It says it wants me to free it." Mandie looked up at Hannah who was writing down stuff about what Mandie had said.

  "It sounds like a ghost or something in your imagination. Anything happen in your past?" Mandie looked at her, her one eye that was visible was wide as could be.

  "Actually yes, I'm adopted. My dad got drunk and killed my mom..." Mandie felt laughter coming up so she started to chuckle unstop and sob in a mixture.

  "What is so funny?" Hannah stopped writing and stared at Mandie with an odd look on her face. Hannah was thinking that she was insane, but could never say that.

  "I laugh when I'm sad, I call it laughter coping. Laughing makes me feel better..." Hannah just nodded and wrote some other stuff on her paper.

  The appointment went on for another 25 minutes and they just talked about her bullying and 'The Screamer'. Hannah sent her home with some medication that she thought would help with the sightings of the odd broken jawed creature. Hannah didn't tell anyone about it exactly, she just said stuff about seeing stuff.

  When Mandie got home she took 2 pills as directed and looked out of her window to see The Screamer yet again. She started to yell at it to go away and to leave her alone. But it just stared at her with its jaw dangling. The Screamer stared into her eyes and started to scream a ear piercing scream that caused Mandie to cover her ears and fall onto her bed.

  The door slammed open and she saw her mother with eyes wide as baseballs. She ran over to Mandie and hugged her tightly trying to calm her down. But Mandie just went on about freedom and the creature trying to hurt her. Her mom held her closely and told her nothing was going to hurt her and it was all in her mind.

  "Mom no no, it's real I saw it, it touched me, it hurt me! Look!" Mandie grabbed the bottom of her shirt and brought it up that showed a long rigged scar that had black liquid seeping out of it still. Her mom gasped and touched it making Mandie flinch and shake her head.

  "Honey you need to get to the doctor I'm taking you there now!" Her mom grabbed her hand pulling her out of her room and into the car. She started to drive as Mandie just screamed about the pain and feeling something inside of her. When they finally got to the doctor's, she went into surgery right away.

  The doctors had claimed that they had found a paper with a worm like creature that was pure black on it. The paper had read, 'Free me you stupid human being!', no one quite knew what was going on. Whenever the pain medication wore off and Mandie woke up she started to complain about a pain in her neck and started to scratch at her neck causing her to bleed.

  She couldn't feel the pain she inflected to herself, only the pain inside her. She was applying a lot of pressure onto her neck with her nails and she was bleeding a mixture of blood and the black liquid. The next day she was sent to an insane asylum for two weeks.

  "Honey how are you?" Her mom greeted her as they walked to the car with Mandie looking to the ground and walkign slowly. She groaned in pain every step she took.

  "It won't leave me. It wants freedom." Mandie said looking up straight at her mom, she started laughing uncontrollably and fell onto the ground.

  "Are you any better?" Her mom said leaning down and pulling her hair out of her face.

  "I'm a lot better, but it's still there. It still wants freedom..." Mandie said looking at her mom with an odd look on her face.

 It has been four weeks since she got out of the insane asylum. She was a lot better and not complaining about pain, or The Screamer. It was her 14th birthday and she was laughing nonstop at a horror movie. She was terrified of it, but she laughed away.

  "Mom what if that happened in real life?" She asked pointing to the seen of the child screaming in a corner with a needle in her eye. Her mom shook her head and kissed Mandie's forehead,"I need to go do something real quick, be right back mama."

  Mandie walked to the bathroom, her eye was itching nonstop and it wouldn't stop. She wasn't thinking and she grabbed a small container of bleach that was the size of her eye drops instead of her eye drops itself. She had a small thing of bleach from when she used bleach for a cool looking tie dye thing. She opened her eye and dropped a drop in, instantly screaming.

  Her eye was burning and her mom had ran into the bathroom to see this horrible sighting, her mom grabbed her child who was trying to scratch at her eye, but it wasn't working. She started laughing and looked at her mom.

  "I know how to get rid of The Screamer, it told me everything. You, you killed it! It wants you gone!" Mandie jumped onto her mom who was taken back by this sudden outburst. She thought no one would know. She had murdered her sister out of hatred and jealousy. It was all coming back to haunt her.

  "I didn't mean to-"

  "You didn't mean to snap her fucking jaw and bash her head in with a hammer? I'm the only one who can save it, she told me everything." Mandie took her hand and grabbed her mothers jaw and looked at her in the eye. She couldn't... She stopped and snapped out of it and stared at her mother and hugged her,"I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. I need to go now. No one is safe around me. I'm going insane mother..."

  "Honey no don't! I love you, you aren't insane." Mandie put her finger up to her mouth and looked at her mother in the eyes.

  "It wants you dead, I'm it's passage to freedom, it will continue to drive me insane until I snap and turn bad." Mandie looked at her mother in the eyes and grabbed the plunger for the toilet. She grabbed it and stuck in to her mother's face and soon her mother died of suffocation,"But then again, what goes around comes around."

  Mandie started to laugh uncontrollably and looked at her self in the mirror. She was wearing her birthday outfit and her hair was up in two pony tails with bows holding them there. She touched her bandage and stared at it. She walked into her room and grabbed a small cape like object. She put it on covering her outfit and grabbed needle and thread. She walked to her mom's dead corpse and stitched her mom's mouth and nose shut.

  "Bye bye bitch." She chuckled and stared straight at her mom who was now laying on the bathroom floor motionless. She grabbed the dead rose that she was given by Nina 4 years ago. She kept it, because Nina was the most motherly person she ever knew. She looked at her window and opened it, she spread her arms out and fell. But right before she hit the ground she disappeared. 

  The Screamer stood at the light post she was first seen at by Mandie and looked up at the window and the last thing she did was scream an ear piercing scream that could make your ears bleed. Mandie's insanity grew and she continued to kill, always sewing her victims' mouth shut. She usually would suffocate the victim some how and aimed for smaller and weaker victims, rather than taking chances.

  Legend has it, if you see such a thing screaming at you, most likely you are insane, or close to it. But be careful, it only shows it's self to you, if you have a murderer in your family who deserves nothing but death...

  But legend also has it, you are the next victim of the Chuckler if you hear uncontrollable lauging, giggling, or chuckling. So sleep with one eye open, or should I say with one ear listening...