63860260 condom-and-packet

There's a special brand of cheap condom making the rounds in Europe and just entering the North American market. The brand is popular for it's specially pleasing 'texture.' What many don't know is that when these condoms have served their purpose, they're actually fertilized. Submerging them in water completes the gestation process and within 24 hours, the condoms become living, swimming little latex creatures desperately wanting to go somewhere. If placed in a container, they'll just keep swimming in that same direction, bopping their head against their prison walls or leaping out of the container to their suffocating death. As far as anyone-in-the-know knows, they'll die when exposed to open air or when turned inside-out and emptied of their 'contents.' Anyway, just to be on the safe side, don't ever flush a condom. You never know where it'll end up.

Author unknown

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