Jimmy was walking down the sidewalk in a forest alone at night, when everything was quiet and silent. His sketchers tapped on the hard surface of the sidewalk when all of a sudden he heard a meow. Jimmy stopped, frozen in his tracks. "Oh no!" Jimmy screamed. "IT'S A MONSTER THAT'S COMING TO GET ME!" The bushes shook. A slim black cat climbed out of it's hiding space. Of course, Jimmy was a gulliable little boy and believd everything his friends told him. He remembered his friend George telling him: If a black cat crosses your path, it means you will have terrible luck. Sure enough, the cat crossed the sidewalk in front of him and disappeared in the hedges. Jimmy continued walking down the sidewalk, occasionally glancing behind him. All of a sudden he heard rustling in the bushes. He continued walking with his fat legs trembing*. Then he heard a clear, fierce wolf howl** which frightened him to the bone. Then he heard the sound of a man screaming. Again, he glanced behing him. He saw the same black tom-cat earlier, but this time, the black tom stared at him eerily. Jimmy could make out the shape of a wolf in the black cat's terrifying yellow eyes. He faced forward again, noticing he had stopped walking. Close to his right ear he felt a fluffy paw touch him. Jimmy had started running in fear and paranoia. Very close to his right ear he heard a snarl. Jimmy turned his head. He was faced by George in a wolf costume. His other friend, Percy, stood right behind George. When they saw that Jimmy had noticed them, they were rolling on the ground, laughing hardly. "Wow," they laughed. "You REALLY thought that black cat was going to give you bad luck?!" As George and Percy laughed their heads off, Jimmy heard a snarl coming from his left ear. He saw Percy and George trembling with fear on his right side, so they definitely were not pranking him again. He turned to his left side and saw a fierce wolf pack, growling and staring at them with his piercing red eyes.

*Jimmy is overweight for his 9-year-old nature.

**Jimmy lives where there is wolves.

To be continued with a sequel Badpasta!

Link here: No Badpasta yet.

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