Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

I remember that it was dark. That is all I remember. The darkness and a thin, pleading, voice.

“Don’t let me die alone…”

I clutched at my face, raking my nails down my cheeks in anguish at the quivering feeling that thrashed and writhed in my stomach. The feeling of falling through the blackness without anywhere to land, and no concievable way of slowing yourself down.

My heart racing in my chest, thundering against the vacant,hollow walls, cascading up, blood rushing and pounding in my ears.

“Don’t let me die alone…”

My body is numb, and streaming tears burn my already torn cheeks. A monstous fear enveloping me and tearing me away from the reality of life.

I slide down the cold wall, hugging my knees-my physical body being the only thing that seems to exist, clutching to the vessel for dear life. Maybe it can still usher my soul to heaven.

But it’s too late. The door has already been slammed shut, and I have been locked away in the black,empty, room.

“Don’t let me die alone…” I whisper again, but noone’s there to hear me, and the words slip from my numb lips into an airless chamber.

Then my breath is gone.

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