Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just posting it here.

I knew it was coming for me as soon as I heard the noises. The thumping, the shrieking, and the worst of all…whispering.

I guess if I’m going to die, I better tell you what started this.

I have a job as a scientist, we did mostly normal things like studies and other things you’d expect a scientist to do, but then one day it happened. We made the biggest mistake of our lives.

A worker came in holding a box with a glowing green liquid in it.

He said “It’s toxic waste.”

Half of us jumped as he said, “I want to experiment with it.”

We walked to the experiment room down the hall. I dreaded every moment in doing so. When we got there he asked for 2 volunteers. Two stepped up with worried expressions on their faces.

They went in holding a rabbit. The thought of what was about to happen made me sick. I heard a scream as the door was crushed and out came a hideous monster with a disfigured face and long limbs and was 3 times my size.

What made me freak out was that the fact that a person and the bunny were gone. In other words, they had mutated together.

Almost immediately, we all ran to the stairs to escape the horrifying beast. Only five of us out of 30 made it out. We turned of the fuse box so the electric door won’t open and IT can’t get out.

That brings us to now, I know the beast has escaped, and is coming for the five of us. It started with some thumping, progressively getting louder. Next I heard shrieking, finally I heard whispering, things like “I’m going to get you” and “I’m coming”.

OH MY GOD! He just whispered “look behind you”

Author unknown

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