This is a story of the creepypasta "The Mummified Head" and how it came to be. It is of course, very bad due to it being a backstory of one of the worst rated creepypastas.

Mummy head

Mummified head (Source:

One day, me and my friend were playing catch with a baseball. I tripped and fell .My friend then ran over to check on me, and he asked “Are You okay? It looks like you scraped your knee.” I looked at my knee and saw a giant scrape there. On the scrape, however, was the real frightening thing. The scrape was in the shape of Thomas the Train’s face. I was like “This is... AWESOME!” We high-fived and showed it to everyone at school. I then said “Wow. I bet if I sold this knee on Ebay, I would get a ton of money!” My mom said that was stupid so instead we went to the museum and they put me in a glass exhibit… but there was a problem... there was no breathing holes, and I had to escape!

However, that was not the creepy part. I actually witnessed a mummy walking around while I was in the box at night. The mummy broke me out of the glass, which fixed the suffocation, but now I was being held by a mummy. I then found a sword nearby, and cut his head off. The mummy’s body disintegrated all that was left… was the head, which I had to get rid of. I walked all around a local forest, trying to find a place to hide it, when I came across a cave. I met a “witch” there who said she’d take it so I was like “okay” and left. Before I left, she told me that she put a curse on it. I was extremely curious of what the curse was, so I came back to the cave years later.There it was, in the cave. There was a note that said: “I knew you’d come back. You must spread the word of the curse; that if you replace your head with the mummified one you’ll receive immeasurable arcane powers”. And so, I wrote the story “The Mummified Head” to spread the word. If you find that cave, I wish you luck.

-P.S.: I advise you not to look for it, for your greed will only heighten the witch’s power. And hence, the head’s.

"The Backstory of the Mummified Head" was rated 8/8 stars on the Creepypasta website, even though it was rather... terrible.

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