Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

Once I Was Watching Cartoonetwork When The Amazing World Of Gumball Came On. It Was Called The

Dying. I Didint Know What Kind Of Episode This Was But I Watched It Anyways. Gumball Was Sitting At His Bed Looking Miserable And The Scene Ended. And This Scene Richard And Nicole Was Crying About Something They Lost. And Then The Scene Ended This Scene Shows Richard And Nicole In Principal Brown's Office.

Principal Brown Said To Them Darwin And Anais Were Not Present After Gym Class. They Found Them But They Were Not Found Alive. The Police Were There When They Went Missing. Darwin's Dead Body Was In His Locker.

Anais's Body Was Found In The Trees And Anais's Neck Was Sliced Off. They Found A Bloody Knife And Checked The Fingerprints And The Police Found Gumball's Fingerprints. I Was Shocked How Gumball Did This To His Siblings

The Cops Were At The Watterson's House And They Arrested Gumball. And The Credits Said Your Next And A Video Showed Someone Being Shot At The Head And Ripped They're Organs Out And Another Video Shows Gumball Killing Everyone.

Paste made by: YoungYuri