My toilet never liked my house. He never liked people doing their business inside of him. So one day meh cousin was going to the bathroom and all of a sudden, The toilet flew out of the house, trailing rainbows. My cousin sat in the bathroom and cried. After all of that, Toilet went to go find a new home. Toilet encountered a squirrel and said "Do you want to be friends?" Seeing Toilet, the squirrel fainted, and Toilet traveled on. He soon crashed into somebody else's house, and into their bathroom. He saw a toilet, who started yelling at Toilet for disturbing him while he was napping. So Toilet and the other toilet, who's name was John, fought. Due to toilets having no hands, they sat there and made lame jokes. Finally, Toilet had enough and left. It was getting dark, and Toilet missed his home, so he flew back home. Toilet went back to his natural spot, and my cousin finally went to the bathroom.

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