my ant onc hav a wood war draub make off wood. it was a big whar drob wit manny cloths n shues in. 1 day, eweythin changd. let mee strt fom du begginin.

it was a sani day with my fens in th garden palying helo 4. i was woopin der batts, but then i herd a saound. it was lyk a girl screeming for help, so we all run to the woods to help her. jon stayhd behnd to protctc the playstatin from burglrgs. whn we went to the gurl we noticed se swahs cryin. she wss crying blad! then she screams really laud and we run back to th gardnen. jon was not there. the game was still posed, so we played some moar. after i won, me and my friendss looked for jon. we seaachd eveyrrehwere but we doulcn't find him. after we went in the house to eat. i noticed my green halo master shir was dirt, so i went up to change. iopened the war dreb and a head ppooped out. it was jon!

it ws the scaringiest dayo f my lyf.

Written by MrDupin

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