4 Score and 8 hours ago, My Wife was found brutally murdered in Our Bedroom by Local Detectives, As She was watching Television........But how? Well, Let me explain.

After kicking My son's ass for Talking shit about that baby from the flinstones, I was off to work. But before walking out the door, I was stopped by my wife. "Honey, Before you go, I need you to kick Our son's ass again for drooling over a Pizza Hut Commercial....". (¬_¬)

After kicking my son's ass AGAN, I finally went to work. Now, here's where the bullshit happens....

While I was at work, My wife could be seen Cleaning up our son's room (There was Pre-Pubescent hair all over his bed sheets) and while doing so, she caught our son sticking his tongue at her, and proceeded to kick his ass once again. After that, she got tired and had decided to turn on our son's tv. A Mcdonald's Commercial had came on, and the narrator of that commercial had said "Introducing Brand New Burger Nuggets, made with 100% real angus beef! Be sure to get it NOW"! After hearing that, My wife then said "LOL, Who the fuck would by this shit?" Our son could then be seen taking a shit right behind her. Thus, resulting in my son getting his ass handed to him again. Little did she know, that her little angel was going to do something so devious, so heinous, that She wouldn't even be alive to see it...."Shit, that biatch think she hard? Aight then, Time to show her who da REAL G is!". Our son would then Get right back up, and threw the Tv at his mom's face, Knocking her down instantly. "Aw Hell yeah, mothafucka! That's what you git for being such a party pooper! Now let me teach you another lesson biatch!".

He would then proceed to pull out a gun....wait, where did he get the gun from?

BUT, His mother had signaled him to stop, and told him something he won't surely forget!

"Wait....Before You kill me, I have to tell you something........".


She would then "Die", and A few moments later....I had walked through the door.

"What The fuck happened here? Oh well, None of my business".



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