Onc I wuz walking doun teh raod an dere wuss maan in tites. OMG!!!11!!!!!1! 3spooky5me!!11!!1! I got scard an ran away. I hav a neibor he wuz very ritch an I saw man in tites agan. He had arows. Next dae I found neibor crying. He sed my muney is gon. Y?!!11!! I sed I saw man in tites and neibor sed he tuk mi muney. mi sistr gav me sum muney. OMG I am scard naw if u hav muney u shud be scard to. I tink he is cuming fur me.

P.S: Robbin hud say i kno u hav muny im com for yu

P.P.S: Robbin hud wil cum 4 u in the nite

P.P.P.S: He wil stel ur muny n yur waflez unles yu giv this stori 10/10

P.P.P.P.S: He nos were yu liv



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