Premade bg dark woods by e dina-d4pgepj
On day ther was a girl named shelby who loved her teddy baer very much. she always took it with her and played with it and whenever someone wante to touch it she said no its my teddy. after eleven years she was grown up and was about eighteen and she still played with her doll and she still carried it around. and even though peopl though she was werd she said she didnt care and will always love her teddy and becauase it told her not to throw it out because it didnt want to go back to the darkness and get eaten by the monsters that creep around slowly n there.after a while she started tp go crazy cause the teddy bear talked to her an hurt her. One day her mom found her dead and the teddy was gone. Sometimes, they say that the evil teddy bear still roams the forest and eats children. so next time you go hiking or mountain biking or just wnt to go for a walk. dont go alone or take your kids cause Teddy the Bear will eat them alive with its big teeth. i hope you can still go to sleep npw……..