I know you're not going to believe this, but one day when I was searching the local flea market, I found an sega genesis with 666 games coming with it for only 13 dollar$! I was like "what a deal" so I asked, he said "ok that'll be 13 dollars"

When I got home, I plugged the genesis in, and decided to play sonic the hedgehog 3, it was fun and I was like "wow this is fun, I want to try an different game"
So I played Alex kidd, What was weird is the cartridge said "no escape once played" on it, but I played it anywyas, it was fun, but the genesis wouldn't turn off, just then the game said "NO" I screamed,was the game haunted? "YES" said the cartridgge, NO IT CAN READ MINDS. "YES JACK I CAN READ MINDS" said the game, NOOOOOOO, I thought I was going to die, but then I thought "WHAT IF I BREAK IT" so I took the game the game said "stop it i'll stop" But I knew better I burned the game. The game started bleeding hyper-realistically, I scremaed, but atleast the game was gone, I decided to play antoher game, I played Bonzai Bros., But after I played it for a little, the game flew out, And shinnobi was back, HOW DID IT COME BACK. the game said "YOU CAN'T KILL SOMETHING THAT IS DEAD". I had no idea what that meant, just then I saw a bloody sonic doll with no eyes, I started crying, just then the games possesed me, and this is no joke, don't ever buy from a flea market, it's bad, and this really happened, I'm now possesed by shinobbi and telling you my story have fun, because you're next.

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