Una Dia, yo soy entiendo a mirar con mi novio a la playa por sexo, pero no sexo, porque? BECAUSE I’M NOT FUCKING SPANISH WHO THE FUCK LET YOU IN? MY ASS.

So anyway, I wake up one morning to find that my right ear is filled with BRAIN EATING MAGGOTS. I screemed, bu al I hurd wuz dem magots gon “WE GON EET UR BRANZZZ” and I wuz liek “NO NOT MY BRAN FLAKES!” And they didn’t listen and ranned to my kitchenz to eat mah bran bran and mah grANNDAD. WHY? BECAUSE MY GRAN HAD BRAN! So I was sitting there, all my bran flakes gone and my fucking cunt of a grandfather gone, so I did the only thing I knew how to do: I pulled out my HYPR REEL SEMEM TRANSFURR MASHINE and started spraying the magots with my bountiful seed. They wur confussed, but dey soon wuz all “YES ONII-CHAN! CUVER US IN YER DICK SPERMS!” I wuz taken aback by this, cuz these magots had suddenly ANIME SCHOOLGIRL BIG TITS NO NOSE SMALL MOUVS and I was sudden horns for dem so I sturted wanking and wanking and wanking and wanking and wanking wand anking awnk and wanking wand wanking Harry Potter Hermione wanking masturbation Misato Asuka wanking mutually Wanking wanking WANKING WANKING SPANKING THE MONKEY Ok, but then I realised that the magots were actually MY SISTERS.

So, then, as I finally figured out the horrible truth, a voice spoke from behind me. “Do you like them, my son?” I turn around to see my father standing there, with a disembodied white light behind him. “They are yours, for they are merely clones of the stillborn sister you once had!”

That’s what he said to me. These words, uttered ever so slightly into my ear made me realise i could never be what they wanted me to be. I am not Mr. Callaghan, nor will i ever be. I flip fucking patties, i don’t kill people. But, that’s what they say i am, a killer. I can’t think straight anymore. These words entangle my mind like thorns rummaging through my head.

“Son, its time....”

I guess i have to accept it.... no going back....

“Alright.... i have no choice.... I am Hideo Kojima, and it’s time to kill my sisters pussy WITH A FINGER BANG, AYYYYY!”

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