An ant from the movie.

Sorry, but the title is very long and I couldn't be bothered to write "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" in its entirety, I'm sorry. Know this, however, the sequence when the ants bring down a soviet soldier, despite being already gruesome, originally had an even more gruesome script. The ants were originally intended to TEAR APART the soldier on screen, soon predators like lions, tigers and snakes would be lured by the smell of blood and were confrnted by the other soldiers and Indy and its friends. The aliens would soon be awakened by the commotion and would bring mayehm on everybody, killing them all with lasers from their starhips, thus killing every major carachter end ending the movie for good, very sooner than in the final version. It was intended as a way to stop the franchise for good, since Harrison Ford didn't want to play the carachter anymore, but was later rejected as he changed hus mind.

But this script IS going to be included in the next movie, though slightly altered, so you may want to skip it, if you're easily disturbed by very bloody and violent scenes.

A disasterpiece made by Grand Albert

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