Katahdin by monsterkingofkarmen-d76j6mx
Frank was walking home when suddenly, a giant monster swallowed him whole. Frank moved down its throat.

Eventually, he fell into the monsters' stomach. The acid burned him, so he stood up. His legs were getting dissolved. The acid which got on his face started to dissolve it. It was sizzling. The acid on his body hurt a lot as well. Pieces of his flesh were falling off of him. Eventually, his eyes started to dissolve until he became blind.

His legs were hurting like crazy as he still had to stand in its stomach. Suddenly, his legs became numb. He picked up one of his legs and felt it. However, he was horrified to feel his skeleton. Frank screamed in terror. The monster started to walk. As it did so, its stomach acid splashed on Frank several times, burning his flesh even more.

Now, his flesh was starting to fall off his body. Frank grew dizzier and dizzier until he fell down, completely submerging himself in the monsters' stomach acid. He took a deep breath only to breath in stomach acid. His lungs started to burn now. He tried to breathe out, but his throat muscles were damaged, so the acid stayed there. His internal organs dissolved one by one.

All of a sudden, Frank felt numb all over, and he couldn't feel anything. He then lost consciousness and died.

What monster swallowed Frank?

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Another masterpiece written by: BrianBerta

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