I am a huge fan of Android games, especially RTS and RPG games.

I had a Tablet some time ago, and my favorite game was Star Wars: Commander. But alas, my time was short with the game due to my Tablet dying.

Recently I got a Laptop, and I had lots of fun with it playing DarkRP on Gmod.

Someone by the name of xX.darkedgy.Xx sent me a massage, saying to visit a URL. I thought it was a prank or a virus, so I clicked anyway.

It took me to a torrent with the name "Star Wars: Commander PC Edition"

There were no leechers and a lot of seeders.

What was strange, it only had one comment.

"u sudnt donload dis"

I ignored it and downloaded the torrent, which was over fast.

I started installing it, and it soon finished, leaving me a desktop shortcut saying "SW:C PC.exe", I double-clicked it.

The game was a nice port of the android game. I started it up, and after the tutorial I was of course given a choice on whom to join. The Empire or the Rebels. Since I joined the Empire on my previous playthrough, I figured I should try the Rebels. But suddenly I received a transmission from Darth Vader. He said, in his traditional deep voice "Traitors will not be tolerared, Commander." And then the base got bombed by Tie-fighters, everyone was screaming, but it sounded so realistic. Like real people were getting slaughtered.

Then Darth Vader sent me a transmission again.

Instead of speaking, he activated his lightsaber and stabbed me through the screen.

I died.

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