What do you think is the most dangerous job in the world? A policeman? A firefighter? A soldier?

Actually, the most dangerous job is a stand up comedian. Let me explain.

It takes a lot of courage to go up on a stage. If nobody in the audience laughs at your jokes, it can be really embarrassing. Nobody thinks much of this embarrassment. However, in 1995, audience members learned just how dangerous that job is.

A stand up comedian named Rick Evans was scheduled to give a performance at a comedy club. He was asked to read off a notecard somebody else wrote for him. He didn't read the notecard before going up. However, when he went up on stage, he realized he forgot the notecard. He didn't want to go back, so he decided to improvise.

However, that didn't go well for him. He wasn't the best at improvising, and he couldn't think of any good jokes. He tried to say a pun, but nobody laughed at it. Realizing this, his face turned slightly red.

He said a second pun, but nobody laughed at that joke as well. His face turned more red.

This pattern carried on for a while. After each joke, his face would keep on getting redder and redder. What was happening to him? His blood was getting closer and closer to the surface of his skin the more red he got.

Eventually, after he said his 8th pun, his face turned a bright red, and his face burst open. His blood started spewing everywhere. Everybody in the audience was shocked. A couple seconds later, his head blew up and he fell over dead.

Everybody was shocked at Rick's death. His friends at the comedy club he worked at named his condition "Embarrassment Head Destroyer Syndrome" or EHDS for short. Now, comedians have to work as hard as they can to make sure this incident never happens to them.

That's why a stand up comedian is the most dangerous job ever.

Another masterpiece written by: BrianBerta

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