okey so wun dey i wuz playing pake man on mi toaster n pake man waz kill gosts n stuff. oot of nowere pake man got hiper realistic blud eyes and said sumting. "u r ded" he sed 2 me. I turnt on my toastur 2 stop playing. I am real spooked noaw. so then I proceeded to call up capecam n ask dem bout dis. dey sey pake man is gonna kill mi. OMGz!11111111! I am rel spukkd out rite now omg. I decided to pull out my blue tiger intervention 2 pwn pake man. I loaded up highrise and jumped off da tope and yy backdrop 720 instaswap wallbanged pake man. n 2dey u ken all tank mi 4 sayvin u frum pake man.

P.S. this is pakeman righting dis note n im kill u

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