welcum, to le spooktaclar draculaer word story of earth

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I wus playn soonic and i eet all of le onion rings, but thun i realise, teh unyon rings are a spoofyskeryskullyton, and then i realize, that there is a skellyton insidee of meh, the skoolyton scramed "HOODINI". the skellyton created bayby skoolytons that were (plot twist) THE SKELLYTONS OF ALL MY CLASSMATES, they ded them all.then in the next luvl, instead of unyon rangs. they. were. THE SPOOKY GOST OF THE UNYONS AND TEH UNYON SKULLYTONS, they came to battle my skellyton. un proopuration for de figt i drank a gallon of milk with lots of calcium un it, so me spooky skullyton wus strunk. my skoolyton came out of my pooperhole, and killes THE SPOOKY GOST OF THE UNYONS AND TEH UNYON SKULLYTONS, my skellyton was covered in puup.

lootur doot day, i was goin oot with bae, and me skellyton wus at the mc. doonalds i was going on a date to, he spoke spanish and sayd "eres estúpido" (you are stupid), i did nut oonderstund and said "WTF M8 1V1 ME ON SONIC COLURS". my skellyton came inside me through my butthole, my butt dripped with unrealistic blood, i nevur drunk calcium again. i later ded bcuz no calcium, but my skelly did not died, he wus invincuble bcuz.............. HE WAS LOOMINARTY.


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