"No its ok sir i'll walk home, my house is right in the woods". Thats the worst mistake i've ever made. Half way home I tripped on a log and got knocked out. When I woke up there was a tall man in a suit with no face. I could not belive I was seeing this it was slenderman! Out of pure horror I got up and started running in the opposite direction. After a couple of minutes of running I was sure that I lost him, but i was lost. I was tired so i sat down against a tree and I fell asleep well doing so. In the middle of my sleep I woke up to russling behind the tree. I peeked around the tree and saw a man with a sickining smile the smile was stretched, and his eyes had dark circles around them he had a knife  in one hand and in the other a pack of smokes. He saw me and screamed GO TO SLEEP! He then jumped at me but when he was in mid-air a tentical shot out and wrapped around him. He was dragged into slenderman. The man with smile then screamed "Who the fuck are you!" He then swung his kinfe at slenderman, slenderman picked the man up and slammed him down in the ground over and over again. Then slenderman through him into a tree. All the man did was smile. The man got up and ran at slenderman. Slenderman shot a tentical at him the same time and the man cut off slenderman's tentical, A new tentical grew back right away. The man then throws the knife at slenderman's face but the knife fades right through slenderman. Slenderman then grabs  the mans arms and rips the man in half. Slenderman then drops the carcus on the ground. Then looks at me and disapears. I get up amazed at what i just saw. And walk home.

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