Once upon time, slender guy was vary sad. his muther taked to him 1 day and said y r u sad slender said he was sad because he didnt have no monee 4 gas. his muther was moved by hiz spech and wanted 2 get him sum monee she drove him to mcdolans burger hut

slender son u can get sum monee here okay she said letting slender out of car he was happy and began working he worked as the chef cashier waitress becuz he had lots of arms liek sum hentai sh*t

hello i would leik a taco burger pizza a guy said and slender rang that b*tch up okai i will get on it one moment sur he said starting pizza make

slender made teh douhg and he then punched teh gai in the nuts and stabbed him alot until he wuz very kill ow no dont kill me he shouted sounding rely scarred no i need 2 make the piza okai slender said until the guy was very killed

he made the pizzza the sauce was blood and the cheese was blood and teh doigh was kinda blood and the guys head was a topic yum

and slaneder ate the pizz nom nom nom this is vary gud he said eating the pizza and the guy he eat wuz u and u dont remember but it wuz okay.

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