NOTE: I wrote this a couple years ago when I was a Creepypasta fantard. When I wrote this steaming pile of shit, I thought this was a masterpiece. It took me a while to accept that it sucked. So, here is the cesspool only known as, "Skylanders Done Injustice: A Creepypasta."

I recently got a Sega Dreamcast, but I have no games for it. I really wanted to play Skylanders on it. I emailed this guy who claimed to have burned Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure on a Dreamcast disk. We agreed to meet at Wal Mart. I would give him my GITD Sonic Boom for the game. That was a pretty dumb move. When I met the guy, he gave me the game, and I gave him the Skylander. "The curse has been lifted, the boy has the curse.", he repeatedly said to himself. When I got home, I put the game in. Everything was normal. The game had a "Select a Character" screen, and I chose Spyro. Once I beat Perilous Pastures, I talked to Cali to play a Heroic Challenge. She said "Lobo.", and she sounded like the announcer from Injustice: Gods Among Us. I figured it was just a glitch. I then heard Spyro say "Destroy this game or he will get you." I thought I was just hearing things. I talked to Quigley, and he said "Spyro warned you.". Now I was scared, but I was brave enough to get to Stonetown. When I finished the level, I heard a voice that said "Time to liven up the joint!". I heard someone light a cigar with a flamethrower. That's what Lobo's Injustice intro is. I wanted to destroy the game, but I also wanted to finish it. I got to Lair of Kaos, when I heard the sound again. Then, Lobo appeared. He went toward Spyro and repeatedly used his Pump Shot attack. He then used his level transition. He launched Spyro out of the level and into a glitched level. He walked up to Spyro. Spyro told me "You could have saved yourself.". Lobo killed Spyro. The sickening sound of Spyro's death made me want to cry. Lobo looked at me. "I'm coming for you.", he said. He charged toward the screen, but I threw the Dreamcast at it. Lobo couldn't enter the real world now, but I heard him say "I'm not dead.". I took an AK47 and shot the Dreamcast. The disk ejected. I ripped it apart. The broken pieces flew into my arm. I was screaming, but I guess no one could hear me. I was denied surgery because nothing was found in my arm. Now, a few weeks later, my skin is becoming pale. I am growing a beard. I feel like destroying the human race. When you are all dead, I will be chilling on my space bike. They don't call me the Main Man for nothing.

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