i was in my room playing skyrim. it was epic. my nexst mission was to go to the bleak fall barrow to get the golden claw, but when i entered something was wrong, mayb the game instald wrong, i dont know, but when i entred the loading screen simply had a skull,... i dont know why but i somehow knew it was my moms, and then the skull fell out of my laptop and iw as scared as heck! i kept playing thou, my brother put heavy metal prop in my room to scare me so i thought it was a prank, but when i fought skeletons, it felt like something was hitting my back, hard, i turned around and there it was, the skeleton, floating there, hitting me in the back with it's arm, then i saw a skull which was chitt chattering, and then i saw some joints fall out of the skull's eye holes and i was like oh no and then a family of skeletons came through and a mini skeletons started coming out of the skeleton's eyes and a skeleton came out of the laptop and then skeletons started going through the walls and...

we dont kno wat hapened to jony, but he had a lightning shaped scar on his forhead, and his laptop was covered in skeleton blood

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