Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

Maybe I'm just insane, maybe I speak truthfuly.

These things that always follow us. They aren't just a simple lighting affect in life, no they are much more than that. They are a darker view of our ownselves. A darkness of our souls just there yet no one has seen what I have seen. They poke at your inner darkness trying to consume you trying to take all the you out of you. They are our very own demons yet they keep silent enough to not be noticed.

I watch as my shadow dances in happiness, I've pushed my own evil out and created a new me. A darkness that can't be controlled is ready to take over. This is only a warning to those who wish to prepare themselves. The second the shadow dances is the moment all hope is lost if there ever was any.

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