Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.


Can you see it.

Have you ever seen a shadow, floating around in the corners of your eyes? You'd ignore it, push it out of your mind. Then you might see a flashing blur of blackness right by you.

And whenever you looked over, you couldn't see it anymore?

They've always been with you.


These shadows follow you for your whole life. They watch you, protect you, but then eventually, kill you.

Unless you do what I tell you to do.

I'll describe one to you. They're cloudy black humanoid figures, with yellow eyes. Some were small, some were larger. They stare at you, feeding like a parasite on your life, your soul. They yearn for your soul, like a fish out of water yearning for the water. And like those fishes, they cannot survive without your soul. These "Shadows", if we can call them that, are completely absent of "true" life, nothing but reusability, intense sunlight, can penetrate their darkness.

When they finish with you, you "die". Your soul is gone. None of yourself ever exists after that, except the body you occupied. In the time they're feeding on you, they protect you.

But if you want to lose these shadows, you must follow these steps. Go out into the brightest sunlight you can find. Bring with yourself a small hand mirror. Reflect the sunlight into your eyes. Chant, "Santara baadara uinzaana, uonpaatourana intekantara" twice, and the shadows will leave you forever. Except, they might kill you. There is a downside to this, though. You are no longer protected by the shadows. You will never be protected by them again.

You might become a shadow like them. But most people become crazy, blinded by the fear. What fear? The fear that has always been with you. All the fear that you've ever felt, all together. You can't stand it. You shall die in pain, not physical pain, but mental pain. You will be stripped of all joy and happiness that you felt in your life. You live in fear, constantly looking around, not sleeping. Your eyes will become red, you will resort to killing. Most rip themselves apart insanely. You will not be able to control yourself. An unseen force will do that for you. The shadows.

But if you're lucky, you become a god among men.

What's more likely, is that you'll die.

Now that you've read this, I will come for you.

You see, I am the shadow, who will take away your life.

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