Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

I was walking down the street at night when i spotted a shadow. The shadow was in the shape of scootaloo. The shadow then dissapeered….Just until it apeeared again.

Ether since that strange night,the shadow has been hauntiong me. every single night i dream about a strange shadow follwing me,then i woke up,just to see the shadow…again…..

WELL I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! i got to find out about this…..until going back to bed i found some strange blood splatters on my bed and the words “y-y-yo-ou-u-r n-n-ne-x-xt……” written on the walls in blood. I also saw….MY PET DOG….lying on the floor dead…with no organs and his fur and eyes were ripped out.

“what-t-t?!” i thought. This couldn’t of been happening,i thought. Until out of nonwhere a negative colored scootaloo popped out of nonwhere grabbed my organs out of my body and…..

Well it’s to complicated. But every 60 years she comes backs….and..haunts…..the next person….living in this old house…..

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