There once was a man. The man decided to walk in the woods at night one day to get his mind off of the long, hard day's work.

So he was walking in the woods, minding his own buisness. Then, all of a sudden, a mutilated girl jumped out in front of him.

The man jumped. The girl yelled, from the top of her longs, in a man's voice, "OOGITY BOOGITY, BOOGITY BOOGITY OOGITY!"

Then, all of a sudden, the girl dropped dead out of nowhere. The man just shook what just happened out of his mind and continued walking.

As he was walking, however, he saw a blinding light. A scary skeleton came out of nowhere, absolutely nowhere, and screamed, "BOO!"

The man screamed and ran farther into the woods. However, Slender Man jumped out of nowhere, scaring the pee out of the man. All of a sudden, Slender Man shopped the man up.

The next night, Slender Man decided to eat the man for his din-din (Translation: "Dinner"). He got out a big plate and put the man's limbs on his subway sanwhich, and ate happily.

The scary thing was . . . THAT MAN WAS YOU!

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