santa claus is a good fat man. he delivers present s to children in the world, and actualy is very good man. if you are not good he will kil you becus yur not nice to him! so be nice to santa or else you will die a horrible deth and die horrible in a horble way because of your naughtyiness! wen my mummy was a kid she told santa to eat poop abd die because he didn't deliverer her the presidents she wanted! she wanted a Barbie doll cabage but santa didn't come. she try to kill santa by pooping on his face but santa claus came and killed her with his masheddi. after that she came back to life and try to kill santa but santa wooldnt die because he was a fat good man. she wan not. but he was

"don't do this santa goodman because I am danger"

"ho ho ho mothafucka"

"oooooh bad words"

"ho ho ho ho ho hoe hoe....fucker bitc cunt"

but after he screamed at her my mom ddecided to kill the santa and he would finly die horror

but santa didn't die

he got up and raped her and told her to call him his daddy because he was god

she died

so kids now you learn your lesson. never be naughty to santa or he will kill you like he killed mom....I have experience

I didn't cry because I knew my mom was a dumb butt and shouda be nice to santa!


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