i screnshootd it ruineb my lef forver

i wus a yung boi on dey an i wer playung munekreft.

spoky sever

i was palying mincraf und i lokked four a serve tu pla on for teh dae. i fund a server namd an doont pla it will ruin yur lif i joined du server wit minekush and i was minnin ah tre and than al uf a seddun a hypr-relistic blod camed ut of a leaf no the rtee and iit got on mu feac and i deid and gut the score &eO butt i poopped my uderware wen i saw the hed of a munstar while mining and then a zkelton pobed out und shotted me wit a bow an arows an u ded agin i wus spoked for lif all te other playhers were poring hypr-realisc blodd and it whas supar scary i couldint handel it and i turnd of my cumputer and al fo a sudden i loked behined me and tere was a hiper realistik minecraft steuve wit blood cuming form his ieys and he kild me and the spookest pert is u wer the stave and you forgetted

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