Something was in the closet making a strange noise, so I opened the door and…

SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS!!! They had turned my closet into a disco party and many spooks were had. I then set out on a quest to make spooky scary skeletons an eternal god. on my way I got some people who wanted to become skeleton overlords. One was named tim, one jon and one jackie tomface. We did trick or egg your houseing for a while but tim's milky way was drugged and he died.

          I hacked into the druggers phone and stole the rest of his evil candy. we walked into a haunted house to take it and have a rave. We had glowsticks and everything but the drug candy was to0 strong so seven people including jon died a painful death. to avenge tim however, we sacrificed the bodys to the devil and got tim back. the only problem is this thing appeared on our hand

Sah Tahn

        We decided to escape via a plane and we successfully jacked it but some dang rebels took tims life forever, but not freeing his soul because satan and stuff. We flew to the secluded zombeh islund.

We stole some bad movies before the unthinkable happened, A zomebie bit jackie tomface! he got blocky and green and went on a rampage. then i died. well i may. this is my last hope. make skeletons gods so I can be resurrected as a satanic skeleton. share with 10 others to get zombie repellant.

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