Once there was girl name Esmerelda.  She went a dollstore.  She seed a doll which

Has RED and HAIR EYES Esmerelda said i want the doll. The store man sayed no, its hanted. Esmrelda says i want it stillllllll

The man says ok 100000000000000000 bucks please, esmerelelda say ok and payed him. that night doll scary red hair and eyes was sits by the bed, she turN alive and kill some stuff that is dead. THEn emserelsa wakes up, sees scary hair-eyed red-eyed doll killet some dead stuff, she scream noo! Noo! nooOOo!o don’t do it! Onnnnoono! No oh no oh no! DON’T DONTTT!!!!!!! The doll look at emsereleldale and say no. I like to iflict pain of stuff. Then she say youy have won chance to return me the scary doll to the dollstroe and I willnt haunt you. The emsereleleda say no I willnt return you to the store. The doll say ok then I will kill someore stuff. Emserelda say nooooooooooooooz!!!!! Noooooz!!!!!!! Nooooooooz! The doll kill her dead. I am Emserelda.  I am new red hair eyes doll.  I kilt you dead. 

~ Colette Green and John Lopez

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