Ok Guys but there was a Baby Einstein Youtube poop:Puppets blow up the Solar system First I Will Show you

It Begin With a Cow and a unknown animal.Then Later on the next scene i showed a Disney Logo.Then On a Another Scene.It Showed a Ferret Scene.It Was messed up For No Reason.Then a Scene Came Back as the cow and Unkown Animal.(Wait it's a Donkey oh i got it!).The scene Also Went Reversed.Then it showed up A Dog. (And it also Went Forward's and Backward's and it got messed up. Like The ferret scene).Then Later It Showed a Frog Scene and caused the Scene to be Colored.also another frog scene Came up.The Same Came Back for 6 seconds. Then It Showed a bee scene.Than the Scene Become Graphic and Darker.Then it Showed A Messed up scene of 2 mouses.Then the Scene Fades into Black and White.Then A Scene Showed up a toddler.Than The other Scene Showed a Bug. and a Catipiller.(Evan Though The Scene Went reversed). The Bug Scene Came back with a reversed effect.The It Show a Dog and then it Went reversed.Then It Showed a Very messed up Scene of Bard The Dragon.(He Just sees what wrong With his Blah of something) And Also Effects scenes.and Showed a scene of tapes.and keep on and on.More Scene Keeping it(1:53 to 4:47)Than the two Puppet explode Well Here you Go!

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