1 day i was at garage and cheap car guy was gonna give me a free car and inside was a japaneez gaem kalld pukit mensterz kewl vershin i killed teh car saleman and took his horse and buggy back 2 meh haws i went hoem and pawpd it into meh phillpiz cdi ( BEST CONSOEL!!!!1112@@!1) it sed pukit mewnsterz kewl vershin red had bakwerdz hat sunglases and mlg shert. teh pkmn around him wer all sed and after 69 hourz of title skreen a gaem lodid. teh opzhinz wer 360 noskoep kwikskoep or nu gaem. i pikt kwikskoep. oak had a bad of duredoz and mtn dew. he had a machine gun(so kewl!!1) he shot me and i woek up in meh bed) i was at teh hawspitul but den i realizd i waz in woods in wudin shak. den shakil oneel sed 2 me u need 2 lern 2 kwikskoep 2 play. he gaev me a 1800 muskit and sent meh on meh own into forist. i brought meh 2 inch box tv and kewl vershin. dis tiem oek was skery and he was zomby so he jump out of skrean and kild me but likily shak revivd meh but shot meh by axident so bye.

(21 yeerz l8err

yo i 456 yrs old nao so plz kyl meh uncle kuzin (possible!11) den i walked down teh street and sed u must be new kid

den i waz liek NAW I 456 YEARS OLD!111 and he shot me lukily i used meh time lord powers and dodjed teh bullit. i den stole his sociel sekurity numbr and went 2 play kewl vershin. I entered teh social security number 2 oek

DEN COLL OF JUAREZ CAME UP AND I WAZ LIEK OMG!!!11111 den oak went 2 me hawz with shak and kild meh bye.

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