Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

I loved the pokemon games so much that when I heard there was 2 new games I was happy as can be. I was to pour to get the games. I went to a flea market as usual to find any pokemon games Like creepy black or strangled red. I found this game called white death. I asked the man how much. He said ” it’s free “. I took the game and went home to play it on my gameboy and thats when things got scary. I turned on the game to see a jigglypuff on the screen but instead the jigglypuff had no eyes in its head next to a trainer with its eyes in its hand.

I said what a scary intro to a game but it was a bootleg so I started the game I played the game white version on “gameboy”. Weird pokemon white on gameboy but why is its called whit “death” so after I beat the game a message appeared saying “.

Want to play with me. a jigglypuff sprite came up so I picked yes and the jigglypuff was then killed by gun. I wondered what happened so I saw my trainer saying finally it shut up with the gun in his hand. Then he said to me play again or die. After that I shut the game off.

So the next day I went back to the flea market to give the game back. I heard before I went out my home that the man who sold me the game was murdered by a man in a pokemon trainer costume. I went to the market where I saw the murderer selling his gun for a pokemon plushy.

he told me went I went up to him want to play with me? I said no but before I left. He shot his gun then I awoke in my bed. I saw my friend sitting next to me with the game and he said wanna play with me.

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