This is my Pokemon theory. So, you know how Blaziken was the first gen 3 starter confirmed for mega evo. Fire is super effective against many things, but the one we will be focusing on is Steel. Steel is super-effective against Fairy. The one interesting thing about Fairy is the fact that it is resistant to Dragon. Blaziken, and the fire type all go together - Steel and Dragon. Fire is weak to Water, and Fire and Water are not very effective against Dragon - Water and Dragon. In some gens, steel is resistant to Ghost, and Dragon - Dragon and Ghost. Ghost does nothing to normal, normal does nothing to ghost. What has this all come to? Steel-Dragon, Water-Dragon, Ghost-Dragon, Normal. What does that mean? Steel-Dragon = Dialga. Water-Dragon= Palkia. Ghost-Dragon = Giratina. Normal = Arceus. Sinnoh Confirmed.

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