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Atfer the brilliant indusputable evidence I presented to u giyz in part 1, it apperes that some of you aren't convicned (which I have no fucking idea why).

However, I need to convnice you other poeple that I'm not full of shit so hear's more evidence.

I decided to walk in the same creepy-ass woods where I encauntered him before. Atfer walcking for like 20 years, (this is supposed to say "minutes". I misspelt it and im 2 lazy to hit "Backspace" on my keyboard) I discovered that same house I encountered in part 1!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoeweveweveevever, it changed since the last time I encountered it. All the windown were boarded up and there was dis huge metal lok on all doors. I coudln't get in! The woodin boards were too strong to break through so I loudly screamed "Fuck!".

I was about to leave, but then I saw a cellar door which I didn't notice the first tmie I arrived here. I decided to open it to see if it would open because I needed to get it open and if I got it open, I could go inisde. The door opennned! I peed, oops, I meaned peered, down the stairs and there was darkness. I strated going down, but I couldn't see shit. I had to leave or else I could get lost down zare and trip over some shit on he ground.

Luckily, a military aircraft conviennently happened to be blowing up right above me and a bunch of poeple were dying on it. A flasslight fell down and landed right next to me unharmed. Then, a military soldier fel doun right next to me and his head poped; causing hyper-realistic blood to spill everyware. Later I found outt that all 25 people on the aircraft inclusing this guy were killed. I decided to make good use of his bdoy (this is supposed to say "body" I misspelt somefing again and I am too lazy tyo hit backspace again). I tied sum rope to him, put him on a cart, and pushed him downstairs. I hanged onto the rope so I could pull him up. I heard some static downstairs and something was pulling him into the house. I tryd tto hold on to zuh rope but I lost it and he was sucked down zhare.

I took the flashlight and decided to start headed down there. I saw the mans blud and a trail was left as he was beein dragged away. I followed the blood and it lead to the basement door. I tried opening it and it wouldn't budge. I tried again. It didn't budge. Then, I tried again. Then, I tried again. Then, I tried again. Zen *Then I tried again. Then I tried again.

5 hours later

Then, I tried again. Then, I tried again. Then, I tried again. Then, I tri- oh wait, there was a key here the whole time: hee hee hhee, silly me. I opened the door and entered the house.

It was too quiet. I know it was too quiet as accordance to the quietness scale. Here it is:

The Quietness Scale:

Not quiet.

Kinda quiet.


​Pretty quiet.

Very quiet.

Xtremely quiet.

Too quiet. <<<--Where I am.

Everything stopped moving. Ohhhh sheet!

I venchured into the house. I heard movement upstairs and I running up there. I opened the door, but I found nothing. All I found was Osama Bin Laden making a nuke so I closed the door and let him continue. I tried walking away but zhenn I realised that I couldn't. Something was wraped around my leg. It is one of Slendy's tentacles!!!!! He statred dragging me up to him and he was ready to send me to purgatory. Luckily, I grabbed a lamp and froo it at his head. he fell back and screamed "What the fuck you bitch!" (Slenderman can talk by the way) at me. I yoozd this opportunity to run. He was chasing me around the house. I ran into Osama BIn Laden's room and shut the door. He was sitting there 'n shock. Slendy bursted in and I jumped out the 2 story window. Bin Laden said "You won't take me alive, fucker".

When I hit the ground, the pin of a grenade was thrown out the window and Laden screamed "allahu akbar" and the house bloo up. Osama died, but Slendey didn't. Aye was running out of the creepy-ass woods. Slenderman then spawned i front of me and static starting to appeering. I turned aroun d and ran the other direction.

I eventualy lost him and made it out of zhare allivve!!!!!!  made it back here. Oh yea, I forgot to mention thaat I took picshores of the place. Here they are.

Abandoned house 2

The House I wandered into.


The cellar door I used to enter the house with.


The bedroom of the house.


The living room of zuh house.


Some crazee-ass corridor!

Also, I took a picture of Slendermand. This is a reel photo which givz proof to his existense. Any debunk by anyone to debunk it means that they are so full uv ignorance and stupidity.

Jeff t k

Oops, wrong photo.

Slenderman 1 000000061420 1

Slenderman!! OMFG!!

There we go. Forget that happened. It was all a joke. Anyways, this is more than enough proof to convince the entire population of poeple ten timz over so it's clear that senderman exists now stfu faggots!!!!!

Hoewever, I still have more work to be done. I recentlly looked by that house and only 1 room was destroyed. The fior somehhow put istelf out before the hole house was destyored.

Senderman wants me back there. He has so much more in stoar for me. I ecsaped too ealry. He watns to shoh me somefing. I kep on seeing him bekonning for me to go bak.

In fact, Slendermann's trying to get me to bo back right now.

  • Slenderman holding up sign in backyard which reads "Go back there, bitch. I'll give you a cookie!".

I wil go back. I need to shee wat's the purpose of that house is!

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