Note: The spelling/grammar errors in this pasta are intentional. Please don't edit them out.

I was walking in the woods and I saww some gguy in a black shirt. I then keppt walking on. The guy was seen closer to e I walked faster. When I looked deirectly at him face, I felt like he was taking me and static appearing so I looked away and kept walkting. I then found some abandon house in the woods that somehow got there and I went inside. I started paniking and then closing out all doors and windows hoping it would kep him back. I then take a picture of him and I'm going to post it hear. Its also a real photo which gives proof to slnederman's existance. Anyone who disagress is wrong and dumb for disagressing with faactual evidense. #SWAGYOLO!!!!!!!

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Another mastrpiece with no speling errors made by: BrianBerta

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