hELLO i am heer 2 tell a story. One day i was going to my friends house when a man on da street said to me hey do you want a game i repiled yeah so he gave it to me. it was a disk that read on the front pokemondeath.exe. i was interested so i put it in my computer it downloaded a file called pokemondeath.exe i opened the file it looked like crystal but instead it said death instead of crystal. I hit new game and it had a bloody zombie oak saying he will kill me. After i chose my name the screen cut to black i was in lavender town and the graphics were hyper realistic after i left the town red came up and killed me,. the screen cut to black and the game crashed the file was gone and when i opened my disk drive all i saw was blood, no disk,I then threw out my computer and bought a new one TEH EEEND.

The Title Screen

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