There was once a ROBLOXian named OxM8d2IIXv4, who had a mysterious time on ROBLOX. When he joined the site his profile was blank and could not be edited. There was nothing on his character and he could only play 1 place... his own. His place dissapeared from the profile after 2 days, it was an accident when the community was making his profile, they left the game open. The game had realistic blood and screaming sound effects and you could hear crying in between it. The game had a track going across the game, when the train went by it would run over a model robloxian and it would scream. The sky was dark and one person had a realsitic heart with a sword stabbed in it. 2 days later the person who made the account because paranoid, froze and then died. The mystery, we don't know.

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