I remember the day.....That Very Day....That very weird day......That Very Strange Day....That Very Day.....I Just Said that.....The title of this story is Bullshit....I am breaking the 4th wall.....But I was told by the author to do so....I AM THE AUTHOR!!!!

When I was 13 years old, My Math Physical Teacher ,Mr.Evan, Told me to get out of the classroom because I was being mean to everyone.....I Went In The Hallways, and came across a Large Wooden door standing right in front of me. "whats this" I exlaimed......"Oh, Finally! Another person!" A Loud Voice Booming Not like sonic boom, But Booming Like a big bomb like isis. I got very scared, But Then suddenly I wasn;t because I remember what My Mom told me...."dONT BE SCARED AT THINGS Not monstererous". I Took these words, and Placed it in my mind.

"HEY KID! I Know you can hear me!!! oPEN tHAT DOOR OR YOU WILL DIE".

I Got even more scared after hearing that Illustrious voice....Untill suddenly, I pulled out My Ak-666 and opened the door with it...."OH THANK YOU KID! I am finally free!!! Emanicpation Proclaimation indeed!!!!". Screamed the man. This man was Oblivious....The only reason Why I freed him...Was so I can Kill Him. I would then Shoot him in the head....After I did that, The man got mad and pulled out his Golden cannon and shot Me in the head aswell, and got very scared because of the fact that he was hurting me.

"Okay, Man.....I did't wanna do this but.....*BOOOOOOM*"! I Mutilated His Body, and Used his body parts as Shelter.

The man would then get up, and he proceeded to destroy me with his Big meaty hands, But I didnt get destroyed......Becuase I remmeber what My Mother Told me......"Don't be destroyed at things not monstererous"! I took these words, and placed it in my Chaotic mind.

I would then Grab the man's head, AND i proceeded to Destroy him.

But for some reason, He Grabbed My Head too.

We were gazing at each other's eyes......."OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR, FUCKER CUNT!" Said the man.

I murdered My Teacher after I had opened the door FOR the man. IT WAS then that I had realized....My true calling in my life......I am....A Serial Killer.


Shut up, You fat fuck.


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