One day i was waliking and- oh hai

and then i saw a fart cloud heading towards me, i could sense it. He was here, breathing on the back of my neck.... and then.... i felt it... digging into my side..... it was my old cellmate, bobby.

(big bob as we used to call him)

In dark and creepy voice he asked me

"what's in the bag, sissy?"

I didn't reply and kept walking.

he shouted 


And then i saw the octopai like tendrils emmiting from the fart cloud that bobby had emerged from.

Then the fart cloud dissapeared, and saw that the tentacles were coming out of bobbies asshole,

There were atleast thousands of big ass Tenta-testicles (which of course, have now been emerging from every possible hole bobby ever had in him)

They all grabbed every single limb that was connected to me, legs, arms, head, nose, all 32 of my teeth and most importantly mah penis.

I felt a little bit of a tension in my privates, i whispered to myself

"oh noe, not now"

And that's when i had raging ten-foot long erection that was only getting bigger and bigger, it just wouldn't stop,

It was heading towards Bobby, Poked him up his nose, and it went right up into it Shoving his nasty black brain out both of his ears.

I said to my self "it's ok, he's dead.... mankind shall live another day"

at that point i transformed into a majestic eagle and flied of into the sunset.

And then i got a lap dance.... in space where I died of oxygen deprivation

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