Once, I was eating a bean and cheeseburger slush when a guy on call of duty gave me a random stuff called obama.exe. It was a nacho sack so I put it in my x container 720. Then obama said... I like healthcare and ate my slushy. Hey Obama, that is being a meanie and i farted out a lollipop. Then I used a burrito to preform surgery on his eyeballs, which had kool-aid on the corneas and I ate a taco. The end, but then the guy came into my house and said he wanted Obama back and I said no and flew on a nyan cat with Obama. But then we saw Ted cruz and Hillary clinton and shot them is the face in the head in the eye with taco. Now Obama is a girl and he/she is my husbands piano tuners grandsons nephews chimmychanga biscuit and I sniff magnificent burgers.

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