Have you ever went to sleep and dreamt of horrible, scary things? Do you know what these things are called? Well, if not, then you're retarded. They are called nightmares, bad dreams if you will. They are similar to dreams in how they are...normally created. They're normally created when you have a bad day or if you are nervous about something. When you go to bed, your brain tries to sort it out. But...some nightmares leave your bed soaked with sweat and pee. They leave you screaming and rocking back and forth. These are night terrors. They are more..spiritual than you may think. Scientists are still working their lazy butts off to find out how they are created. But I know why. The demons told me. They did it. Be careful if you go to sleep tonight because the demons are starving...

Boo. By: some 5 year old with a teddy bear in an asylum who says they're an expert hacker when they're not.

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