Read this at your own risk.

You have been warned.

So I woke up tomorrow. It was raining inside my house so I went outside to make myself some delicious driven-over rats. While I was cooking them I looked through my windows to see if the rain had stopped. Then I saw it. A Jehovas' Witness standing there with a crucifix. He was just standing there.. to me this looked odd since I didn't open the cellar door for years. So how did he get into my kitchen? Anyways after I went off to work and came back one day ago I looked through my windows to check if he was still standing there. He wasn't. Luckily the rain had stopped, so I was able to go back into my home, I took my pink unicorn out for a ride and as soon as we all 3 got out of the house I turned to see if he still wasn't there. I was shocked seeing him being back so I ran. I took my pink unicorn and ran like I never did before. When I was exhausted 5 seconds later, I hid behind a trashcan, 30 ft. (~9metres) away from where I started. Thinking that he had lost sight of me I felt relieved until something touched my back. I jumped, looked behind me and saw him standing right there with his crucifix. He stabbed me.

Then I woke up bathed in sweat. After 2 years pulling myself together on the bed I started realizing that this was just a horrible nightmare. I got up and went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Then I saw him standing behind me with the same crucifix, when he stabbed me. And do you know what? Every Chreastermas at 69 p.m. you can see him standing behind you in the reflection of your mirror image holding a crucifix. If you turn around now, he will stab you and be freed into our world.

If this happens never and I mean NEVER turn around when you're looking at the mirror whilst you're dancing, holding a chicken holding a picture of a pink unicorn. As hard as this may be, trust me you don't want to happen what will happen if you still do so.

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