Note: this is a pasta I found on in the comment section of the pasta "Bittersweet Memories". Originally untitled, I arranged a title.

Me and Jenny (she leik my bestestestest friend) were sitting down on the sofa watching a bit of MLP. It was a gloriously sunny day outside and the sun was bathing the lounge in a golden dew. Suddenly we heard a really loud bang, it sounded as though a bomb had gone off right above us. Suddenly the sun disappeared and it began to rain really heavily. It seemed unnaturally dark outside now, the only thing that continued to illuminate the ground were the occasional lightning strikes that flickered and danced across the sky.

Jenny and I decided that it would be a good idea to go up to my room for a spot of "how's your father" before my Father got home. Before we could even get started I heard my Dad's car arrive, I peeked out the window to make sure that it was indeed him. He got out of the car then sat on rain soaked drive way. He was clipping his toe nails out in the thunder storm. Fantastic, I thought this'll give me enough time to get Jenny out of here. I ushered her out the back door so that my Dad wouldn't know she had been here.

I ran back up to my room and looked out of the window again. My Dad was laying on the floor, the only sign of life was the occasional twitching of his muscles. I quickly ran outside to make sure he was okay, he wasn't. The nail clippers looked bigger than they used to but I thought nothing of it as I worried about my Dad. I phoned an ambulance with my tin can and some string.

"That's the only phone you're allowed to use from now on young man!" My Dad yelled before this tragedy.

The ambulance seemed to take forever to arrive. I sat on the ground next to my Dad and watched him get struck by lightning twice more (it appears as though lightning does strike twice, or three times in this case). Then after what felt like hours the ambulance finally arrived.

The paramedics quickly exited the ambulance and began asking me what happened. That's when I noticed the look on their faces, they were both looking behind me. I quickly turned around to see what had caused such terror. There it was an eight foot tall pair of nail clippers, growling and roaring as it edged slowly towards us.

Now im daed.

TYhe endh

Credited to Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

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