There was once an old woman named Ugletta who was known to be the ugliest of all ugly old women in Detroit. The old woman was always made fun of for being so ugly that everyone who looked at her face turned into dead clowns.  In fact, Ugletta was starting to go mad and let her insanity get the further grips of her mind when she was making brownies.  It turns out, the brownies weren't even real brownies in the first place.  They were pieces of shit that she called brownies and she accidentally slipped uranium into the pieces of shit.  As a result, disaster broke.  The "brownies" grew and multiplied exponentially, and ran all across Detroit, leaving nothing but destruction and total havoc.  At the end of the day, a window was broken, ten people were injured, and Martha Stewert was eaten while she was buying ants at a pet store to use against zombie puppies that kept on intruding her yard.

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