I had a weird dream last night. I stayed the night at my friend Ecem’s house. Her house is just behind a big park, Subayevleri Park to be exact. We walked in the park until midnight. When we got back at her house, we did the usual; ate some junk food, chatted, and took photos of ourselves. Then she got sleepy and asked me to turn the ligths off. Because there are so many trees and so little street lights, her room was pitch black when I turned the lights off. I’m very scared of the dark so I took my cellphone and tried to sleep with it’s light on. In my dream, I was sitting on a bench in a remote place. There was a road in front of the bench and the only light source was the moon. A family of three walked by me; mother, father and child. The child was very young, maybe 4 -5 years old, but he was sick. His head was very big and his body was too small. The mother and father crossed the road and went their way, but the kid stayed behind to play with some rocks on the ground. Then I got angry at the kid for some reason and started yelling and running after him. He got very scared and he crossed the road too. I suddenly stopped chasing him after that. He was trying to catch his breath while I was standing at the other side of the road, just watching him. He then looked at something on a nearby bench, a present box. The box wasn’t too big or too small, an average box with plain wrapping. But being a kid, he got very excited and started to tear off the wrapping paper. Then in my head I heard some kind of a chanting; ‘Mucus cat, mucus cat. He has come to get you. Mucus cat, mucus cat. You can’t hide forever’ It continued on but these are the only lyrics I remember, because they sounded cliche I remembered them easily. When the kid opened the present, there was an orange tabby cat in the box. He tried to pat the cat and the cat’s head fell off. There were stitches in it’s neck. He was horrified, looking inside the box with wide eyes. The chanting got stronger and the cat’s stomach started ripping apart. It’s organs fell out; kidneys, liver all organs. Then the cats bowels started moving up and tangled around the kid’s neck. In a mather of seconds; the kid was gone, the box was on the bench, unopened. And I woke up. It was still night, 04.13 a.m. There were little orange hairs on the bed sheets, but I thought nothing of them. Because Emily has a cat; I thought the hairs were from her cat, and slept again. Now that it’s morning and I can actually think, I remember Ecem’s cat is brown not orange.

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