This was a day that I will never forget. It all started with a basketball.

One morning, me and my friend were playing basketball, which was near the forest. You could already tell what happened, as the ball flew towards the darkness in the trees. My friend volunteered to get the ball, as he has already walked through the forest for years and knew what lied within. I waited for him to come back. Minutes passed. Hours. I also went through a whole day without seeing him. I thought that he went back home with his basketball, so I went to his house. His parents said he didn't come back yet. I started to get scared at some point. Could he have gotten lost? No, he had lots of experience in the forest. Could an animal have eaten him? No, there were no dangerous animals in the forest. What could've happened then?

I finally got the courage to go into the forest. After a couple minutes of walking around, I saw something that made me want to run, even though I was potentially lost. I saw my friend's corpse, hanging on a noose in the trees. When I turned around, I saw something even scarier. A tall slender man, with jagged pointy teeth, eyes with blood streaming out, long sharp nails, red with dried blood..... He started to come after me, and I desperately ran for my life. No matter how much I ran, he always caught up with me. One time he did catch me, and was about to cut into my throat using two of his nails. Fortunately, I escaped his clutch before he could do it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 11.33.11 AM

My drawing of Bloodhands

It has been half, maybe a whole, hour before I got home, for a whole week I kept remembering the incident, and I kept getting nightmares. What would've happened if I died? Would he have stayed in the forest, or could he go to the city? All these thoughts appeared suddenly in my head, especially about what happened to my friend. Why was he on a noose? All the questions may probably never be answered... But for as long as I live, I will never, EVER, go back into that stupid, wicked forest. I also forgot my basketball in the forest so, I guess Mr. Bloodhands (Dont ask, I wanted to make myself feel better) Will have a basketball to play with his undead corpse friends.

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