Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just posting it here.

This might not sound that scary, but if you were there, you would be pertified. Mind you, this was back when I was twelve.

My mum had just parked the car in the creepy old underground car park at the local supermarket to get some milk. You know the sort, it is concrete with flouro lights.

It was late, about 9:30pm, so that just made matters worse. As I waited in the car, listening to the radio, I saw a man in a long coat, looking around suspiciously. He looked towards our car, and although his face was in the shadows I saw two burning red eyes, with a mere white speck where his pupils should be.

I just acted like I wasn’t looking, you know, to prevent trouble. I did not see me I think, because our car was in a dark part of the car park.  He then walked…  Well I shouldn’t really say walk, more hovered away towards a dark corner. He then seemed to disappear.

I quickly and as sneakily as I could, darted out of the car, to where he was was, to see a brick that wasn’t very sturdy. So I moved the brick.

I was absolutely freezing and terrified, but as I moved the brick, a small, dented metal box lay in its place. I heard a crunching of sticks, so even though it wasn’t flying, I sprinted back to the car, where my mum was just starting the engine. I tried to sound calm and told her I was nervous so stretched my legs.

I remained too scared to open the dented box for the next few days, but on Saturday my friend had come over for a sleep-over. I brought out the box, and explained why I had it, and where it came from.

Just as I finished, a red crystal darted up from the box, and glowed bright. We saw red eyes outside of my window, darting viciously towards us, so I grabbed the crystal. The man broke the window, and reached for shiny mineral with a crooked smile. His teeth were as sharp as a sharks teeth, and I threw it out the window. He zoomed after it, and my (and my friends) Life was spared. So I advise you. If you are ever in a dark allyway at night, DON’T pull the crooked brick. I might not have been as lucky if I hadn’t thrown the crystal. After that ordeal, I peeked out the huge hole in the window. On the dirt flower patch where my front lawn is, there were no footprints, no traces, no nothing. Mum and dad burst into the room. I gently smile and say ‘We were, uh, playing a bit rough’

Credited To WindHowler

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